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The history of the railway station Breslau Odertor

The first attempt at connecting Breslau (via Oels, Kreuzburg, Lublinitz) with the grounds of Oberschlesien  was made by Oppeln - Tarnowitzer Rail in 1855.  However the idea was executed only after the Oberschlesien Rail had handed in a resignation of a licence for the above mentioned connection. The licence was given to the Oppeln - Tarnowitzer  Rail Company (which was formed about 1862) on 13th November 1865. This is how the  Rechter Oberufer Rail Company was forestollen by the Oppeln - Tarnowitzer  Rail Company. Finally both companies went into partnership with each other and formed a company called the Rechter Oberufer Rail.

The first railroad track was lead up from Vosswalde to Breslau Odertor station. The opening ceremony of the above mentioned railway traffic was held on the 15th November 1868 (although the section Breslau Odertor- Oels was completed by June 1868). The second railroad track to Oels was built probably before 1886.

After the modernization of the Wrocław's central railway station (Breslauer Hauptbahnhof) between 1901-1905  the Odertor’s Station  was  rebuilt (in 1912). Within the confines of modernization there were new platforms and tunnels built as well as parts of the commodity rebuilt.

We assume that by that time the level of the track was situated on street level, but there is no conclusively reliable evidence for this.

The rebuilding of the rail system was broken by the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. It was later completed in the 1920’s.


Breslau Odertor  after the Second World War

As the result of war the local railway junction was completely immobilized. Since 19th July 1945, after the reconstruction of the bridge over the river Weide trains to Krakau, Kattowitz, Lodsch and Warschau  reached the station at Breslau Odertor. The first 210-metres long steel bridge over the river Oder , that connected Breslau Odertor station with Nikolaitorbahnhof , was the first connection between the two riversides.

At the moment of our study we do not have any pieces of information on reconstruction of the railway station Brealau Odertor.

Between 1967- 1970 the traffic control equipment was rebuilt to include the administration control equipment. Device type E was installed within the executive control equipment was the modernized slide control device (type VES). Is was one of  not many such equipped control devises.  In 1972 the route between Stahlhammer - Lublinitz - Kreuzburg  -  Breslau Odertor  was electrified and the opening ceremony took place on the 11th September 1972. The 70s and 80s were time when our railway network prevailed and increased passengers and goods traffic. Breslau Odertor -to- Trebnitz and Breslau Odertor -to -Oppeln  trains started their course in our station. On the goods track has  the camshaft functioned (it still exists now but it is now not operated.). The railway station still operates many sidings; among others the harbour, the heat and power plant, the brewery "PIAST" and a few smaller ones. Also here are neighborly situated repair plants of the rolling stock (ZNTK Breslau).

We suppose, that the locomotive depot and the rotator were formerly an integral part of the railway station.

In our gallery you can see probably the last photos of the giant's  remains. These photos are believed to be the last documentation of that part of the Breslau Odertor  railway station.

At present the station possesses 13 in working order and 5 closed tracks, about 50 points, signaling equipment and scales.

An automatic-fitter troop, a traffic patrol and service workers work on the maintenance of these buildings & railway routs.

Breslau Odertor Station

The railway station buildings were unveiled in 1868. The building was opened by Wilhelm Grapow, who was expected to be its designer. Between 1880- 1912 the structure went under refurbishment and parts were rebuild. The Breslau Odertor  is a arterial  railway station, that is situated on the Treibnitzerplatz.  The 190-meter long building refers with its lump and projection to patterns, which was a characteristic of  the Renaissance palace. It was erected with non-plaster brick. This method was characteristic of many public buildings made by the Berliner School in 1960s and 1970s.  In the same way, the structures demonstrated their resemblance to the medieval architecture style. The building has survived to the present-day in an almost intacted condition (with the exception of the interference into its interior).

(according to Janusz L. Dobesz "The railway stations of Wrocław"; 1.edition, Wrocław 2000).

At present in the railway stations' buildings are the goods haulage contractor CARGO Wrocław seated. In the early 90s there were also section of the railway traffic protection,  section of the traffic control equipment was added, along with section of the communication line, station masters office, a ticket office, a medical clinic, a police station, a rail collage dormitory and a restaurant based.

In the end something for the adventurers and sensation-seekers: under the railway station there is a subway that links the grounds of the former ZNTK with the area, which borders on the back of the tram depot. It goes arcly  under 20 tram- tracks. It still remains a mystery why was it build there.

As you can see the history of the Odertor Bahnhof  of Wrocław has many gaps and there are facts, that need to be substantiated. We hope, that this web-page will help us get new pieces of information to this topic. The Odertor  railway station is very poorly documented, even in the specialist literature (in contrast to the central railway station of Wrocław and the Freiburger railway station, that are in many books described). We believe, that rail-fans in Poland and in foreign countries will help us substantiate the history of this full of architecture and technical virtues building.

 Thank you  The authors.

Piotr Pilch,  Roman Trembowski,  Stanisław Krychowski

Written by :

Translated by: Julia Suchar

Corrected by : Lizi Green


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